What to Bring…

If this is your first time at Kitsap Canine, please bring the Boarding Agreement, signed and completely filled out. If I already have it, there is no need to bring another one.


Bring enough food for your dog’s stay here at Kitsap Canine.

Make sure I have instructions on exactly how much you feed, how many times per day and any supplements that you use. I am happy to feed raw, homemade, canned or dry—whatever you feed, I’ll feed.

I am happy to give any meds that your dog needs.


Bring your dog’s favorite blanket or bed—I will either use it inside of a crate or have it in the living room for her comfort.

Most dogs like something that smells like home. If she doesn’t have a bed, then an old t-shirt or sock that smells like you will work.

Toys, Treats, Etc.

No need to bring anything like that unless your pup has a specific need for a certain treat due to dietary concerns or food allergies.

I have lots of toys here and they usually prefer the ones here anyway.

Other Stuff

Vaccinations etc.
All dogs should be fully vaccinated according to the schedule you have worked out with your veterinarian. All dogs MUST be on current flea control.

It’s a good idea for your dog to be wearing a quick release collar with his id tags and license tag on it.


Cash or check is preferred but you can also use your credit card. In some instances (due to demand) I may ask for a deposit.

Current fees are from $40 per day. There may be addition fees for late pick up (see note below on Hours).


Please plan to make an appointment to drop off your pooch between 8am and 7pm. Any earlier or later than these times are somewhat disruptive to the other dogs living here but I can make exceptions if needed.

Plan to pick up before 12pm (2pm on Sunday)—additional fees may be charged for later pickup.

I am closed for drop off and pick up on Sunday morning until 11am.


I am in Suquamish near the Shell station at the corner of Suquamish Way and Division. I will provide specific address and instructions upon reservation.

I do not accept dogs less than 4 months of age. I do not accept aggressive dogs or dogs with serious behavior problems (housebreaking issues, excessive barking, destructive behavior, fear biters, separation anxiety).

I strive to provide a SAFE and RELAXED environment for your dog.

Please call if you’re not sure if your dog qualifies and we can discuss the concern.