Dog Training

Obedience training (30 min):
My house in Suquamish: $25

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I have been training dogs for more than 30 years and have competed in AKC obedience with my Old English Sheepdog, Bearded Collies, and currently with my German shepherd dog.

I have been training dogs since the mid 70’s when I started with my Old English Sheepdog. I competed with him in AKC obedience and fell in love with dog training. My next dogs were Bearded Collies—a fun, wonderful breed—I did competition with them as well as herding. Now I am the happy owner of 2 fabulous German shepherd dogs and currently entering competitions with the younger one. 

I taught classes in the Portland area and then continued here in the Kitsap County where I was lucky enough to work with Shade Whitesel—an incomparable trainer from whom I learned LOTS!! Over the years my training style has evolved to become much more positive with much less punishment.

I am not a user of a shock collar (e-collar) or a choke chain. If you would like to train that way, then you need a different instructor.

Training should be FUN! If it’s not, you’re not doing it right!

I train as much as possible using positive reinforcement to make it worth it to the dog to do the behavior that you are looking for. You may have noticed that dogs do things that reward them—and they will do them over and over again. It is so much better to use that natural desire to achieve the behaviors that we desire than to try and force the dog to do what we want.

For example: If your dog learns that walking on a loose leash is more fun than pulling you, then that is what the dog will do—he will simply default to that behavior.

If your dogs learn that it’s more fun to look at you than to bark at another dog, then that is what they will do—because they want to, not because you yelled at them or squirted them with water.

Positive reinforcement training results in a happy, well-adjusted dog that is not living in fear of a correction or punishment.

I am currently teaching private lessons only—my house or yours. If we need the distraction of other dogs, I can provide that! Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes in length and you will be expected to work on 3 or less behaviors. I will give you a written summarization of your lesson so that you are clear on the homework and expectations for progress.

I specialize in obedience training including household manners. While I can and do work with some behavior issues, if you have a serious behavior problem I will refer you to Shade Whitesel who specializes in that. Call me if you’re not sure!

  Fee Schedule:
My house in Suquamish $25 (30 minute lesson)